Oat Flakes Cereal Ad  

Cereal Commercial (Non-Commercial)

(Made 2020)


I set myself a goal to create a mini low budget cereal commercial using my personal camera. (NOTE: this is not a real commercial) The Idea is to demonstrate what I am capable of with filming/editing video using After Effects. I used Photoshop to create assets and Logic Pro x for music.

Parts of the music background was taken from Fesliyan Studio.  

My personal contributions

•    The work displayed had been Individually created through to final production.

•    The work had been constructed with self-made and used assets from the cereal box.

This video is displayed as a personal video only and its non commercial. This is not a real commercial. This video is not sponsored or endorsed. This video is not associated with Uncle Tobys or Nestle. Art work was taken from Uncle Tobys Oat Flakes cereal box.

Work is displayed for personal non-commercial use. The Art work from Uncle Tobys cereal box is fully and solely the property of Nestle and their partners.