Cereal Packaging (Old Made 2015)


To analyse commercial packaging categories and examine current packaging trends and market in order to identify an opportunity to differentiate a product in the market place, choose material types and research it. Consider the commercial and audience that you want to make a connection with. Consider: Product range, materials, consumer needs, shopper experience, product experiences (how it is used or consumed, container shapes), unusual, graphic forms, colour, type and reproduction needs. 


This brief required individual work, I accomplished skills within market research, packaging and trends. I used photography, ‘Illustrator’, ‘Photoshop’, and ‘After Effects’ throughout my project. The assignment taught me how to think about the whole process of making a new brand and product from start to finish. Completing the brief allowed me to acquire skills in a number of applications as well as gain great knowledge. I used a DLSR camera to capture myself grabbing the cereal. I used ‘After effects’ to edit the footage and used a prop cloth in the scene to portray ‘coming out of bed’.